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 A delightfully located stone built self-catering holiday home at the edge of Arachova with stunning views of the valley below out to the Korinth bay, Tripio Lithari offers you a home away from home.   



 Three double bed bedrooms and two shower rooms, spacious living and dining areas, ensure that you have a very comfortable and relaxing environment where you can unwind and enjoy your time away.  


Free Wifi


WiFi available throughout the house


Enclosed safe courtyard for parking your car or letting children play freely with stunning views



Upon request and charged extra





Parnassos Natural Park


The unspoiled nature of the Parnassos Natural Park provides endless explorations of wooded ridges, hills as well as an endless forest of black pine trees and firs. Along with Olympus National Park, the Parnassos National Park is the oldest in Greece, covering about 35,000 sqm with countless trails and forest roads.

Rappel, archery, paintball, fly jumper, speedball, are some of the activities you can find on the slopes of Parnassos.

external link: hiking_on_mtparnassos




Arachova is a charming village that boasts a cosmopolitan vibe, as well as many pubs and eateries in an area of unspoilt natural beauty in the setting of mt. Parnassos.

Combining its modern ski resort, its close proximity to Athens, and its breathtaking mountainous landscape it easily becomes one of the most favourite spots to visit all year round.

From discovering the Archaeological site of Delphi to hiking up to secret springs hidden in the mountain crevices, and trekking down to the famous seaside town of Galaxidi or the beach of Ag. Isidoros, Arachova has something for everyone.  

Delphi Archaeological Site 


Delphi is a Unesco World Heritage monument since 1972, and it's the site of the 4th-century-B.C. Temple of Apollo, once home to a legendary oracle. This extensive mountainside archaeological complex contains the remains of the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena Pronaia, as well as an ancient stadium and theatre. Delphi Archaeological Museum displays artefacts that were found among the ruins.

external link: Delphi

Cultural Sites


The monastery of Osios Lukas which is situated only 30 km away from Arachova and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.It was built around the 10th century AD, during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Romanos II of Lekapenos (959-963). Inside the monastery's enclosure, you will find cells, a bell tower, a crypt, the Bank and two temples. There are a there are precious marbles, frescoes, mosaics and immeasurable images.

 external link:hosios-loukas

Night Life


Famous for its vivid nightlife, Arachova has many bars and clubs that play dance music and stay open till the early hours. Many other bars keep a more lounge profile but also stay open till late. The streets of Arachova get busy even after midnight, creating a lively atmosphere. Even the taverns stay open till after midnight, offering a more family option.

Leisure Activities


Arachova is well known for its traditional restaurants with delicious dishes, gift shops and local products. Textiles, handwoven carpets (flocati rugs), woodwork and olive oil are some of the things you should check out. Don"t miss out on tasting the local cheese, called "formaella", and having at least a sip of the Parnassós local wine, the red “Mavroudi” (PDO  2006)


“We enjoyed a lot our stay there!"


 Awesome location, lovely house, great places to visit in the proximity, supportive and kind host. Thank you, Christina!



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